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Our Core Values

Our core values reflect those of a business started by a band of dreamers, farmers, programmers, foodies and environmentalists, and the values they promote.

Create Amazing Experiences

Our criteria for amazing experiences realize on the sole goal of exceeding the expectations set by the people that matter: our customers, families and stakeholders. Making the best product (software) or delivering the freshest groceries matters and doing so in the best way for planet really matters.

Cultivate Sustainability

We all know that sustainability is not a word. Our oceans are getting hotter, and climates are changing. We believe in always looking at our business practices and changing them to reduce our impact, and then share what we have learned.

Open To The Perspective Of Others

As a collection of the people who have different experiences, life journey, and beliefs, we believe that we must start from a place of being open to the perspective of their values.  The challenge we face as a society and in business requires listening and understanding.

Learn, Grow And Win As One Team

We believe that great teams see their success based on the outcomes of the entire team. We also believe that the most successful teams, engage in honest feedback, take ownership of learning and are open to being curious. We support individual growth because we know that the stronger the player stronger the team.

Be Scrappy And Own It

We believe that the world has challenges, and we must own those challenges, and be flexible and scrappy to overcome them.

Act With Honour, Courage And Love

Making difficult decisions are part of life. Having the courage to act on those difficult decisions requires the ability to honour and love oneself and others in those moments.

Find The Fun Together

We believe that fun with a group of people who are focused on the same goals is the special superpower needed to punch through the challenges or ride over the speed bumps that life throws at us. We can all choose to be grumpy and pissed or we can choose to find the fun – we think the fun is a better choice.

  Be part of the solution

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